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AQC special issue

Contributed papers – from the meeting and more widely – will be published in a special issue of Aquatic Conservation: Marine and Freshwater Ecosystems. This journal considers all aspects of the conservation of aquatic biological resources, from practical studies in conservation to theoretical considerations of the underlying principles. We therefore welcome papers from across all the meeting themes, not just those aligned with the Conservation & Management theme. More details about the journal’s scope and article types can be found on their website here. The journal’s normal peer-review process will apply to all submissions.

Our special issue comes two decades after the Biomaerl special issue from the first Biomaerl meeting in Scotland in 2001 (see our meeting series timeline here). This was also published in Aquatic Conservation: Marine and Freshwater Ecosystems (link here), providing us with a great platform for reflecting on how far coralline algal science & conservation has come, where challenges still remain, and where the emerging frontiers are!

To maximise community inclusivity, Special Issue submissions will be open to all, not just meeting delegates. To be part of the Special Issue, please simply select it in the journal’s online submission form. Our special issue will be open for contributions from June 2023 to until February 2024 and will be guest edited by Lina Rasmusson, Heidi Burdett and Nick Kamenos. Accepted articles will be published as ‘Early View’ as they are accepted. We look forward to receiving your articles!