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Contact & organisation

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any questions!

For general enquiries:

Dr Heidi Burdett: heidi.burdett [at]

Prof. Nick Kamenos: nick.kamenos [at]

For theme-specific enquiries:

Theme 1. Ecology & physiology: Drs Sophie McCoy (sophie.mccoy [at] and Erwann Legrand (erwann.legrand [at]

Theme 2. Geology, palaeontology & biogeochemistry: Dr Federica Ragazzola (federica.ragazzola [at] and Prof. Julio Aguirre (jaguirre [at]

Theme 3. Taxonomy, speciation & phylogenetics: Drs Viviana Peña (v.pena [at] and Cornelia Simon-Nutbrown (csimon-nutbrown [at]

Theme 4. Conservation & management: Dr Lina Rasmusson (lina.rasmusson [at] and Prof. John Baxter (john [at]

Theme 5. Emerging frontiers: Dr Tessa Page ( [at] and Prof. Nick Kamenos (nick.kamenos [at]